Child Individual Therapy (ages 3-12)

Therapy can help.

  • Has your child experienced a traumatic experience like divorce, physical or sexual abuse or the loss of a loved one? 
  • Is your child having a hard time making friends, bullying, or being bullied?
  • Has your child become more withdrawn and quiet keeping to his or herself?
  • Is your child filled with anxiety, fears or phobias?
  • Is he or she having behavioral problems like aggression, anger, lying, stealing or difficulties in school?

What happens in individual child therapy?

In individual therapy with children, I provide a safe space for children to explore their thoughts and feelings regarding any difficulties they may be having. I use strength based practices that build on the unique strengths of each individual child. In the session, children use sand tray, expressive art techniques and play therapy to convey their feelings (see play therapy services). The child will learn healthy, age appropriate coping skills that become building blocks to healthy coping later in life. We also explore why the child acts out and role play better communication or feeling management skills. Through therapy kids develop skills for better school and home functioning.

The most important factor that leads to the success of therapy with children is a close working relationship with the child's caregivers. I understand that as the parent or caregiver, you are the expert on your child and the child's best resource. I want to work with you, as a team, to provide the best service and support for your child. Parents are consulted with weekly and family therapy is almost always a part of treatment.