About Maria

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

My Therapeutic Approach

I am a bilingual (Spanish and English) Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I specialize in youth and young adults ages 3 to 21, both individually and within the context of their family. My work is strength-based and family-centered, which means I believe every family has its own unique set of strengths already existent and I help tap into them to bring positive change and resolve. In my work, I like to be direct and compassionate, yet bring humor and fun into the room when appropriate. I provide brief, solution-focused therapy as well as long-term therapy and use cognitive behavioral and play therapy techniques, catering the therapy to the individual needs of my clients and families. I use evidence-based treatments that have a track record for success.


I am passionate about helping children and adolescents recognize and utilize their own existing strengths, develop a strong sense of self, and reach their full potential, thriving now and throughout life. I have been working with youth since 1997 and love the work that I am doing. Personally, I am part of a large, dynamic family, which brings constant joy and challenges into my life. For fun I love spending time with them, adventuring into nature, reading, playing with my dog, searching for sunshine and traveling while always continuing to learn and grow in personal and professional ways.